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Ann Arbor Film Festival Highlights

...The program also offers two extraordinary Canadian shorts. From Vancouver, Ben Peters' "Frog Jesus" tells the story of a frog-catching lad set on creating an amphibian savior. The Oscar-nominated "I Met the Walrus," from Toronto's Josh Raskin, uses pop-art animation to illustrate a scratchy interview with John Lennon taped in 1969. (8 p.m.)...

Posted by Detroit Free Press, March 23, 2008 : LINK

The Austinist (re Austin International Film Festival)

Frog Jesus is quite possibly the most fantastic short that we have seen ever. No, seriously. EVER. Writer/Director Benjamin Peters came totally out of left field with this one. When we read that it was a mere 70 seconds long, we of course assumed that it would be one of the more, shall we say, experimental shorts in the bunch. However, what we encountered was the story of a cyan tinted savior, fixed upon delivering the amphibious world from what was sure to be eternal damnation. There is a beat at the end, after which we guarantee that the audience will be belly laughing all the way through the credits. Appropriately shot on 8mm, the short has been lovingly transferred to digital video.

The Austinist, Oct 11, 2007 : LINK

Time Well Wasted at Time Lost Screening

A fine event was held Tuesday night with the New Cineworks 2007 screening at the Vancouver Pacific Cinematheque. Which was the world premiere of John Woods' 7 minute short Time Lost is Never Found.

Of the thirteen films screened that evening the highlight was arguably the black humour of Frog Jesus by Ben Peters and experimentist Amanda Dawn Christie's hypnotic 3 Part Harmony: Composition in RGB #1 which was shot on 16mm film and used a "bastardized version of the 1930s three strip Technicolor process" and was printed personally by Christie using an optical printer.

Posted by The Nouvelle Baguette, Feb 2007 : LINK
"In just over a minute, Ben Peters and Toby Gorman invoke a boy’s divine intervention on behalf of unsavioured amphibians. ‘Frog Jesus’ is a subtle and sweet 70 seconds of teal toned Cinework."

Posted by STEM Cell, April 2007 : LINK